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Texas Land For Sale-Important Factors Involved In Selling Your Own Land
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When you decide to offer your land for sale in Texas, the decision must be made whether to  list with a real estate broker or maybe you want to attempt to sell the land yourself.  If you attempt to sell the land yourself and avoid paying a broker, let me share some techniques that might help you.  Advertising is just part of the decision making process; there is also the problem of knowing what to do once you find a serious buyer.

I offer advice only because I have twenty years experience of buying and selling tracts of land.  First let me say that when you find an interested buyer and he even signs a contract and puts down a deposit, that is only the beginning.  If you had contracted a realtor to sell your Texas land for sale, this is where they actually earn their money.  Itís a great feeling to have a signed contract on your land but truly that is just the start. If you are surprised by that statement, then you must not have any experience in land deals.  You also have to secure financing, negotiate contract terms, agree on a closing time frame, and who gets the mineral rights.  These are just a few things to think about and more must be considered at or before the actual real estate closing.

Letís donít put the cart before the horse.  Before you worry about the things to do after you get a contract, letís talk about how you are going to get that contract.  Advertising is an absolute necessity if you want to sell your land for sale in Texas. Newspaper advertising might be the first thing that comes to mind to most, but you need to do very little of that.  Most studies reveal that almost 90% of buyers of real estate begin their search online on the World Wide Web.  Not only is this kind of advertising less expensive than newspapers, the audience is worldwide.  Letís say you have advertised impressively and got an interested party that might want to purchase your land.  Do you have time to show your clients the boundary lines of your Texas land for sale?  If it is hunting season, are your deer plots ready? Is the survey current?  You must be prepared when the potential buyer asks these questions, so as not to slow down or lose the client.

If you did your homework, and the buyer wants to purchase, can they get the financing?  Contracts take about thirty days.  If problems come up, you could have wasted valuable time.  Troubles may not show up until the end of the thirty days.  Brokers, at this point, would stay on top of the process to make sure the deal closes.  So, if the broker is you, then stay on top of things.  Check often with the lender and the closing attorney about the title work. 

These are only a few things to get you to think whether or not you have the time to sell your Texas land for sale.  Be ready to work for yourself should you decide not to hire a real estate broker.


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