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Texas Land For Sale-State Of The Economy And Selling Your Land
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With Texas poised to be on of the first five states to pull out of the recession are you prepared to sell your land.

With Texas one of the five states picked to pull out of the recession first now might be the best time to jump back in the Texas land for sale market. Buyer confidence is most certainly one thing that has helped keep the economy down since it started the slump, things might not feel good in the market but thatís simply emotions talking and if people would get back in the mix of things the slump would end much sooner. Texas high tech jobs are not as plentiful as in states like Washington and Arizona but Texas does have enough good tech jobs to help. The high tech job market is set to be such a boost due to business holding back upgrading just about everything until the time looked right to spend again and that time looks close.

With Dallas as one of the premier cities of Texas land for sale in Van Zandt County and others near Dallas and with good access to Dallas and Houston will defiantly benefit from the recovery. Some other good counties to buy land in near Dallas would be Smith County with a large city to help boost its possibilities like Tyler, Rains County which has Lake Tawakoni to help draw from and still within good driving distance of the Metro Plex. If I was back in the market to developed Texas land for sale I would also look at Hunt County with good access to Dallas and the surrounding areas from Interstate I-30, these areas are within an hour or less of Dallas for a morning work commute.

Another good place to put your money in Texas land would be in hunting land for sale in Texas, some of the countries best hunting is in Texas and with a better economy the hunting land for sale in Texas is also sure to recover well. East Texas as well as West Texas both have some prime hunting areas, Upshur, Wood, Hopkins are some great Counties to buy land in for East Texas hunting. If you are looking near the border check out Val Verde or Kinney County for good hunting and plenty of land deals. In Val Verde County you will find plenty of high fence hunting camps for sale that are set up and ready to hunt now.

If a week economy has kept you on the sidelines in Texas hunting land for sale and investing in Texas land, if you have cash in the bank or on hand I would take a hard look at putting a good portion of it in Texas hunting land, it is a good investment and will help hedge inflation which is certain to come. If you look at the 1970ís and 1980ís you will see the government used inflation to help spur the economy and fend off the recession.

 If you look at everything in the state of the economy, inflation rate, government buying bonds this will have to lead to some inflation and if you have cash you better find some place to put your cash or watch it get devalued.


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