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Texas Land for Sale Covenants and Restrictions and Why to Use Them
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Itís better to be safe than sorry.  If you have ever had a home or land to depreciate in value due to what has happened to the neighborhood, you will want to consider covenants and restrictions.  Protect the integrity and give yourself peace of mind along with protecting the value of your Texas land for sale.

It is important to question what you are protecting yourself from and why you want to do this before adding covenants or restrictions to your land for sale in Texas.  If the tract of land you have for sale in Texas is a large piece of property a possible covenant might be that you donít want the lots subdivided.  If you donít add this restriction you might have someone come in next door to your property and subdivide the property into a subdivision.  This could decrease the value of your property.  Another possible restriction or covenant for Texas land for sale involves the size of the dwelling that is constructed on the property.  For example, if a dwelling is constructed on the land for sale in Texas, it must contain a minimum of 1800 square feet of heated and cooled living area or the minimum roof pitch must be eight (8) or twelve (12).

A few other restrictions you might want to consider if you have land for sale in Texas need to be mentioned.  If your dwelling is 2,800 square feet, you donít want someone to purchase property next door and construct a 450 foot cabin that looks like an outhouse.  This could affect the appraisal value on your Texas land for sale.  If youíre are in a nice neighborhood where all of the houses are similar, like the roof pitch, or color bricks, you donít want someone to move into the neighborhood and be able to build a house that has a flat roof or has a totally different look.

The final Texas land for sale covenant protects property in many ways.  This one concerns animals.  Possibly allowing only a few household pets and a fence that is attractive might keep a neighbor from moving in and putting up barbed wire fence and a goat farm next door to your $300,000 house.

There is no 100% foolproof way to protect your Alabama land for sale from bad neighbors and land covenants may actually not prevent some things from happening but it will help you have a stronger legal base to stand on.


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