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Texas land for sale-reasons Van Zandt County is a great place to live
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If you are looking for land for sale in Texas to move and live on let me give you some reasons Van Zandt County is one of the best Counties to live in.

 I have been buying and selling land in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma for nearly twenty years and I have Counties in each state that stand out more than others. If you either live in Texas now or if you are moving to Texas, Dallas is one of the best cities to live in or better yet near. I have bought many land tracts in Wood, Rains, Hunt, Kaufman, Smith and Van Zandt County and I say Van Zandt is the best for the following reasons. If you work in or near Dallas which many do itís only a forty five minute dive to the city. Taxes are always an issue when it comes to a house or home site and the base tax rate for Van Zandt County is lower that Dallas County and much lower that the City of Dallas. If you have kids schools will be big part of your decision process! The school systems in canton, Wills Point, Van and Edgewood are all very good schools with that small town atmosphere. Medical concerns are also a big thing to look at; Canton has a new hospital which is less than four years old and state of the art technical facilities.

 Along with schools, and medical concerns you will probably be concerned about work and more particular getting to work. Dallas is one of the best economies in the United Sates making it much desired to work in. Working in Dallas does not mean you have to live in the city, look at a country setting to raise a family in and still have the big city economic power behind you. Canton and Willis Point are just two Cities that are great to live in when it comes to land for sale in Van Zandt County Texas, both less than a one hour dive to work and both have good schools and medical facilities. Let me bring one statistic to your attention, there is over 2,299 people per square mile in the city of Dallas and only 50 people per square mile in Van Zandt County, not hard to chose where I would rather live.

 If you are married then you know shopping is a major thing to women, Canton has one of the finest shopping spots in the First Monday Trade Days.  With over 6,000 venders there is a little something for everyone. The last time I was at First Monday I saw products for hunting, horse back ridding, art and crafts, cows and farm supplies, ladies dress ware and casual wear for kids just to name a few.

 When buying land for sale in Texas there are many big concerns to address and Van Zandt County has most if not all of these big issues covered making it one of the top Texas Counties to live in.


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