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The 10 Levels of the Listing Promotion Pyramid
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So you have a listing. Well maybe that’s not too hard at the moment. Many agents have listings. As a matter of fact as a nation we have over a 10 month listing inventory.

It’s what you are going to do with the listing that matters most. Sure it’s going on the MLS and you are designing a flyer but where else are you going to post it online?

The Web isn’t just one option and due to the fragmentation inherent in online marketing the competition for eyeballs, the size, scope, reach, complexities and choices available have spiraled.

Clearly you have your own personal, local and company related websites and on a national level you even have a larger, already impressive, and yes growing, list of national sites. But how do they stack up? Well, chapter 3 of the new Swanepoel TRENDS Report not only details all the different options but also provides a very simple Listing Promotion Pyramid.

The nature of this pyramid points out the fact that before adding any website or service to your advertising campaign you should be sure you have a good understanding of the rights you are granting to these websites when posting your listings. Each website is different, similar to airline ticket prices, and you can expect to see the gambit in terms of use and rights granted.

As a rule, website operators want to obtain the broadest rights possible to minimize their risk in using the content in the manner they desire and content owners (real estate professionals) want to extend only the narrowest rights possible to ensure that they are granting only those that are specifically required to accomplish the purpose of the submission.

With an abundance of houses for sale and buyers still weary to return to the housing market, it is now more important than ever before that real estate agents improve their marketing, says the new, 2008 Swanepoel TRENDS Report from RealSure Publishing. In Trend 3, titled ‘The New Digital Currency,’ the Report provides numerous guidelines showing brokers and agents the shifting patterns of today’s home buyers.

Every serious agent that wishes to survive through this downturn should get this 170 page “must read” Report. Get your copy, with free shipping courtesy of National Realty News by clicking here.


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