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The Benefits of Building a Modular Hom
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Choosing a modular home over a standard home eliminates many possible errors in the building process, due in part to the workers' familiarity with the floor plans. This familiarity also allows for quick and efficient assembly, which drastically reduces potential delays that are all too common in other projects. Take a look at some these great reasons to invest in new modular homes:


1. Savings

One of the predominant benefits of building a modular home is felt in your wallet. A modular home is usually much less expensive to build than a traditional home. One reason for this is that while the building site is being prepared, the modular homes manufacturer is building the home at the same time. This fact alone results in a big reduction of time necessary to obtain an occupancy permit. The home is delivered by truck to the building site 85% complete, and then assembled where it will stay.


2. Speed and Efficiency

The home is precision built indoors in sections by the modular homes manufacturer. This requires fewer employees than a traditional home. There are no construction delays due to weather and the materials going into the home are built in a climate controlled environment and never exposed to the elements. Because the manufacturer has built several of those models before, they know which materials and how much of them are required. This eliminates the need for additional materials during the manufacturing process.


3. Consistency and Precision

If a worker builds a traditional home and then builds a modular home, he'll see that quality control on the modular home is much tighter. This is because the modular homes manufacturer builds the home with more precision and previous experience with the model than a traditional home builder. Walls and windows are square and firmly reinforced. They meet or exceed the requirements of municipal building codes. The home goes through many quality control inspections while being manufactured and of other municipal inspections during and after assembly, ensuring the highest standards and quality.


4. Local Weather Protection from Midwestern Experts

Midwest summers are hot and winters can be brutally cold. Modular homes are more energy efficient and greener than conventional stick built homes. They're built tight and snug to promote energy efficiency. Wind and water stay outside, where they belong. They're also built with extra insulation sealed in. Drywall is nailed and sealed, giving double protection from drafts and heat loss. Heating and electrical bills are significantly reduced by these factors. Many of these homes don't require as large of a furnace and air conditioner as a conventional home of the same size.


There are plenty of reasons to choose modular home manufacturing instead of traditional homes, and these are just some of them. If you’re looking for more information, visit Rochester Homes, Inc. online at:


Rochester Homes, Inc. is an established leader in modular homes in the Midwest, and offers a variety of floorplans that can meet your specific needs.

About The Author:

Milam Anderson is the founder of Rochester Homes, Inc., a company based in Rochester specializes only in modular homes. In April of 1972, Milam Anderson turned the first shovel of dirt to create Rochester Homes. Since that time Rochester Homes, Inc. has been building quality homes with innovative designs. This company has been owned and managed by the family ever since, with the second and third generations currently at Rochester Homes, Inc. (Top Right). Their customers take comfort in knowing Rochester Homes, Inc. is entering its third generation to lead it into the next 40 years of building a particular home for particular people.

Rochester Homes, Inc. is modular homes manufacturers based in Rochester. They build and construct your home at their location and then bring it to your site for finalization by the builders select by you. This is one of the best ways to have a brand new home constructed at a more affordable price, a faster pace and with the specifications and customizations that you select.

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