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The smallest children playing in the sand pile dream of something bigger and larger than themselves. From a very young age, they gain the knowledge of how to dig, then, applying that knowledge, they move from digging into the creative expression of building. It is this “building” that sets the benchmark for teachers. How lost in the sand pile would we be if someone’s knowledge had not taught us which end of the shovel to use, or that this part of the bucket goes up?

We would be little more than “hole diggers” had someone not awakened our creative expression. Combining creative expression and knowledge is what allows us to grow, to prosper, and to become… to make bricks.

And if the tides should someday lay claim to our sandcastles and their grains become scattered to the wind, education alone will allow us to begin anew, to rebound and to advance once again.

Imagine the world if we could connect an endless array of enthusiastic teachers, each one of us placing our brick before passing the trowel and mortar on to our successors. Only then might we realize what Aristotle meant about the progression of education when he expounded:

“Mine is the first step, and therefore a small one, though worked out with much thought and hard labor. You, my readers or hearers of my lectures, if you think I have done as much as can fairly be expected of an initial start, will acknowledge what I have achieved and will pardon what I have left for others to accomplish.”

Let us take a moment to salute and honor the bricklayers: those rare educators and mentors who through much thought and hard labor have dedicated themselves to the supreme art of passing on knowledge and awakening students’ joy in creative expression. These mentors have truly done so, one brick at a time.


This message was written, delivered, and presented by Len Elder at the recent REEA convention (slight changes to above copy). Len is an Arizona mortgage broker helping Arizona homeowners for almost 30 years. He has served as President of the Southern Chapter of the Arizona Association of Mortgage Brokers and served on the State Board of Directors for the Arizona Association of Mortgage Brokers. Leonard obtained his B.A. from Capital University majoring in Economics and Speech Communications. He obtained his law degree from Capital University law school and practiced civil litigation in Ohio for eight years. He is also a licensed real estate broker in Arizona. Len is a full time senior instructor at Hogan School of Real Estate, Inc., the RealtyU® Affiliate for Arizona.

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