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The MLS, long the crucial center of a healthy, functioning real estate brokerage industry, now finds itself in the center of controversy and a fight for survival in turbulent times. More than just data warehouses, MLS systems are marketplaces for inventory and a proving ground for consumer access to the MLS. In the competitive climate of Internet service providers and increasing regulatory scrutiny, some type of reform is a certainty.

So the time has come for agents to widen their net, meaning how and where you promote your clients’ listings. The MLS is no longer enough. The Internet offers so much more. Here are some tips on what to do:

Make sure that your website is a highly-trafficked website and that you enjoy a high ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN for whatever search term you deem appropriate.  Ensure that you have a legal and effective way to manage an email drip campaign and that you become the neighborhood expert for your area; offline and online.

Establish your credentials on the Internet as a professional real estate consultant by actively building a virtual trail of bread crumbs. When consumers go looking for properties or real estate information online – be it on,, or any of the increasing number of consumer real estate websites – make sure that they will also stumble upon your online postings, bio, comments and articles (your virtual bread crumbs).

And, by the way, it's well worth mentioning. When consumers read your posts, comments and articles, make sure they don’t see a “smart ass” or “raging lunatic”.

Remember, when laying your trail of crumbs, most posts and comments on the Internet are archived for the entire world to see (for a long, long time). So make sure that when you are adding an article or posting a comment, you do so professionally.

If you are looking for online places to get involved with or ideas on what to write about, check out the hundreds of websites discussed in the latest 2008 Swanepoel TRENDS Report.


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