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Last week we covered social networking. This week we are expanding further into the benefits that stem from social networking.

We all agree that we are becoming a new economy – a vast global network of connected people that swap and exchanging ideas, information and an endless list of other services. But what exactly does this mean and how can you participate?

In Wikinomics, by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams, they refer to this as “The Dividends of Collective Genius.” Participation has, according to a Wikinomics, reached a tipping point where new forms of mass collaboration are changing how goods and services and invented, produced, marketed and distributed on a global basis.

The Web is no longer about idly surfing and passively reading or watching. The Web has matured beyond its years as a static presentation medium and evolved into a new dynamic form of community and creative expression; one of sharing, socializing, collaborating and creating communities.

For example, anyone can now log onto Wikipedia – a collaborative create encyclopedia authored by tens of thousands of enthusiasts. It is the very essence of openness. Openness in that it is transparent, flexible and free. Pure peer productivity enables anyone to edit the contents and collectively shape the information and knowledge being offered to everyone else.

Now there is a similar example in real estate that offers the promise of collaboration never before experienced in real estate. Potentially the foundation to harness the collective knowledge and experience of hundreds of thousands of independent contractors (real estate agents), franchises, mom and pop entrepreneurs (brokers), and tens of thousands support service providers (banks, title companies, software developers, etc.) together to build a national, online real estate resource and encyclopedia that everyone can use for free with no distraction of banner advertising.


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