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The Future of Bundled Services - A New RealSure Whitepaper
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What the Future Holds

RealSure, Inc., publishers of the “Real Estate Confronts…” series of whitepapers, has announced the release date for its next offering in its series analyzing the real estate brokerage industry, Real Estate Confronts Bundled Services. This eighth publication in the series explores the tangled world of one-stop-shopping through an analysis of the bundling of mortgage and closing services.

In the history of various product and service-oriented industries, there has been a fairly consistent and predictable sequence of events:
  • A truly new product or service is offered,
  • That product or service adds many extensions, options and/or arrangements in an effort to provide the consumer with a good deal of choice, and then
  • The sheer amount of choice becomes inefficient and the consumer looks for (and the industry provides) simplified, and in many cases “bundled”, standard packages.

Three Weighty Opinions

The three co-authors of this whitepaper are all well-known and widely recognized industry experts. Best-selling author Stefan Swanepoel serves as Chairman and CEO of the RealtyU® Group, the nation's largest network of real estate schools. Stephen Murray is CEO and Publisher of REALTrends, one of the nations leading real estate news services, and host of the popular “Gathering of Eagles” annual conference. Anne Murray-Randolph is Editor of the recently launched and very prestigious LORE (Lives of Real Estate) magazine.

Swanepoel explains, “choice provides the consumer with a sense of control, which is a fundamental long term trend among consumers that has been growing since Baby Boomers decided they could “have it their way”. The Internet has been a key enabling tool for consumers to acquire information that would allow them to expand and maintain control, with the goal of making better informed choices."

“With much greater regularity, residential real estate agents realize that consumers are coming to them armed with much more specific goals – the exact homes they want to see in a precise neighborhood they like,” said Murray-Randolph. “Today, in many instances, consumers have already figured out what they can afford, and have already received a mortgage commitment. Current events make it clear that the consumer is gaining control of the home finding process,” she concluded.

The Movers and Shakers

According to the authors, consumers have already indicated a strong desire for simplifying the transaction by desiring to obtain all of the services they need from one single source. However, before this can truly become a reality, the industry has some very entrenched rules, regulations, processes and participants that must change.

RealSure’s newest whitepaper discusses where the industry finds itself in the current bundled services process, how it got there, which major players are the trend's forerunners, and what lies ahead, as defined by the major players who are impacting how the game is going to be played - including RESPA and HUD.

Real Estate Confronts Bundled Services will be released nationwide on November 1st and from that date can be downloaded from the official websites of RealSure Group and RealTrends. However, advance printed copies will be available at the National Association of REALTORS® annual convention in San Francisco on October 29th and 30th.


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