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The Hare and the Tortoise
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As June flowers awaken my sense of color here in the Sierra foothills of Nevada City, California, I reflect back to the month of February, when cold fog and rain obscured the few colors that were present during that chilly month..

On one of these rainy afternoons, a neighbor came to my door in a panic. Her treasured Lionel was missing. Lionel is a ten year old, fifty-five pound tortoise. Could she look for Lionel in our yard? So began three days of searching for the missing tortoise. “They like to bury themselves so please look under your car before you start it! And check along the side of the road when you leave the house. Please.” As I eased my car down my driveway through a dense fog, l had worrisome visions of finding Lionel splayed out on the highway somewhere. Posters were put up throughout the neighborhood with a picture of Lionel. As the days continued to pass, my neighbor became certain she’d seen the last of Lionel.

Then a call came in on Monday morning. A government worker near a facility across the highway saw the poster when he came to work. He had spotted Lionel over the weekend (he’s hard to miss!), taken him home, built him a house, and fed him choice pieces of lettuce. Lucky Lionel!

Relieved by this unexpected happy ending, I was reminded of the Aesop’s Fable “The Hare and the Tortoise.” Remember it? The Tortoise challenges the Hare to a race. The overconfident Hare laughs and says, “Sure.” As the race begins, Hare, certain of his victory, decides to take a nap. As Hare sleeps through the race, Tortoise arrives at the finish line a winner. What’s the moral to this story? (There’s always a moral to an Aesop Fable): “The race is not always to the swift; slow and steady is sure to win.”

That government worker could have kept Lionel. Like Hare, he could have been over confident; who would ever find out? But he decided to do the right thing. Lionel, traveling slow and steady to an unsure destination, surely came out a winner.

Do these characters remind you of anyone you know? The agent who pressures clients to take the first deal that comes along, or doesn’t practice full disclosure in order to make a quick buck? The agent who ignores her competition and ends up losing a listing to someone else the moment the contract expires?

Getting ahead in real estate belongs to either Hare or Tortoise, but not to both. “The race is not always to the swift; slow and steady is sure to win.” When you’re busy running from one client to another and trying to juggle all your commitments, remember not to lose sight of your goals or your ideals.

In the fast paced world of real estate, it’s easy to forget that the one who runs the race the fastest - isn’t necessarily the one who wins.

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-Emily Bell is a writer in Nevada City, California


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