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Gen X and Y and Let’s Add Z Too

Don’t you just love the youth – their energy, their enthusiasm, their eagerness, their burning passion and above all their love for life?

Man and do they seem to be able to do everything and anything. For example they are the creators of MySpace, Dell Computers, eBay, Yahoo, Google, You Tube and Facebook. And companies like these are changing the face of the Net.

According to Wikinomics, the book I referred to last week, it states that 2006 was the year when the programmable Web eclipsed the static Web; on every level. For example:

  • Flickr beat out Webshots
  • Craigslist beat out Monster
  • Blogger beat out CNN
  • Epinions beat out Consumer Reports
  • Google Maps beat out MapQuest
  • MySpace beat out Friendster
  • Wikipedia beat out Britannica

So, we agree that the Net generation has already unquestionably left their Internet footprint on society and business ... and they are just getting started on real estate.

Here is a list of new paradigm programmable type Web companies to watch:

  • Let’s start with this news service – delivering real estate news in a whole new way.
  • The ever vibrant Inman News with its recent restructuring and many new features.
  • One of the first “online real estate brokerages” – zipRealty.
  • ActiveRain remains the social network of choice for real estate agents.
  • Zillow with its Zestimates has unquestionably increased consumer participation and awareness of property values.
  • Redfin has sensitized the value proposition of commission earnings.
  • And there are still many other great Web 2.0 type companies such as Google Base, Trulia, Terabitz, RealTown and Real Estate Wiki.


The Net generation (Gen X and Y combined) is 50% larger than the Baby Boom generation, and we know what the “Baby Boom Bubble” did to the U.S. economy and business. So watch out for the “Net Gen Bubble” – currently in action today.

Read more about all the generations and their impact and what you can do to capitalize in the 2007 and 2008 issues of the Swanepoel TRENDS Report.


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