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Over and above the obvious, what will make cell phone or a PDA indispensible?

  • Maybe to manage their contacts, or
  • To receive and send emails, or
  • Text message, maybe
  • To download music or
  • Taking photos

There is no argument that cell phones have clearly changed the world – in more ways than one. They started by removing the need for street corner pay phones, then raised being “in-touch” to a whole new level. The added feature sets noted above have changed the devices into multi-facetted tools or maybe toys.

But what feature will actually completely revolutionize the phone?

I think there is a real solid killer app that is going to completely change the behavioral patterns of consumers and totally reshape the common use for cell phones and PDA’s …Navigation.

Turning cell phones and PDA’s into navigational devices is going to make it a breeze to locate a place we’ve never been to before, keep us from getting totally lost in our own town and allow us all to find and enjoy the hidden “oasis” around the corner we never knew existed.

GPS and satellites have been around for a long time, but prior to 2000 they were basically the property of the government and the military. Today, with 31 commercially accessible GPS satellites circling the globe and blanketing every inch of the earth, cell phones and PDAs have become paperless maps.

Add to that the names and details of streets, neighborhoods, garages, hotels, restaurants, movie houses etc. and you instantly have an accurate, intelligent, electronic map and directional guide ... at your fingertips.

Already some 150 million cell phones and PDA devices are GPS or navigation enabled – more than any other item or product in the history of man.

Maybe now, men will never have to ask for directions, ever again.


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