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The Norris Group is a California investor resource that endeavors to provide California investors with the tools and information needed to succeed in an ever-changing California real estate marketplace.  The Norris Group actively invests in California residential real estate, educates California real estate professionals, and also provides funding for real estate purchases via its hard money loan/rehab money program.

Over the past few decades, there have been incredible fluctuations and transformations within the California real estate landscape and The Norris Group has been there to guide and educate investors to a profitable financial picture. In January 2006, founder Bruce Norris accurately predicted in extensive report, The California Crash, that the white-hot housing bubble was about to burst, saving informed investors much financial pain. Bruce's first report released in 1997, The California Comeback, told investors California would see tremendous gains and that it was time to get serious about California real estate once again.

The Norris Group has trained countless investors in the proper ways to invest.  The unique combination of Bruce's extensive experience in the California real estate market and his extensive market timing research has allowed The Norris Group to create the most innovative and comprehensive California-specific real estate investor training available. The Norris Group's expertise allows them to share not not only how to invest but also when to invest, which is exceedingly important in erratic real estate markets like California.

Additionally, The Norris Group is financially qualified to fund real estate investment opportunities.  Their investor loan/rehab money program was created to meet the unique needs of the California wholesale investors. By sharing with investors their secrets to California real estate investing, The Norris Group strives to create capable and independent wholesale real estate investors who become successful and long-term business clients.

The Norris Group offers a handful of helpful and free resources for California real estate investors. The Norris Group Real Estate Radio show airs on 590am in the Inland Empire on Saturdays at 6:00pm. However, all the shows are archived at The Norris Group website. Guests have included Frank Nothaft with Freddie Mac, Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital, Leslie Appleton-Young with the California Association of Realtors, Alan Nevin with the CBIA, Rick Sharga with RealtyTrac, PIMCO, David Berson with PMI Group, Robert Friedman with REDC, Nancy West with HUD, Tommy Williams with the National Auctioneers Assocation, and the Center for Responsible Lending to name a few. The shows are free and an excellent resource for Realtors, mortgage professionals, builders and investors.

The Norris Group has available via their website a California real estate news blog which tracks important news that affects the industry, a California investor club resource, a free investor quarterly, foreclosure laws by state, and soon an auction, REO, and social networking page.

The Norris Group also teaches throughout California and has been a guest speaker at the California Builders Industry Association, the California Appraisal Institute, the Learning Annex, Real Wealth Expo,, several local and national investment clubs, and Realtor associations. Speaking engagements and seminar dates and times are located on their website.


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Service Providers in Real Estate - Sales & Marketing Services
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