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The Packard Companies are an alliance of Real Estate Service Providers and Developers, Hotel Managers and Consultants, and Community Association Managers.  Three companies under one expansive umbrella: Packard Realty, Inc. (PRI), Packard Hospitality Group LLC (PHG), and Packard Management Group LLC (PMG) work in tandem to provide a turn-key service for our clients. 

Over the years, The Packard Companies have developed a symbiotic relationship that overlaps the disciplines of real estate, hospitality management, and association management, resulting in a full-service product inclusive of property acquisition, development, management, repositioning and disposition.

We, at The Packard Companies, distinguish ourselves by the truly individualized service we provide to our clients.  Our business model is structured to enable us the flexibility to accommodate the particular needs of a client and tailor a program specifically for them.  Our business practices, policies, and systems are fueled by a corporate spirit of commitment, creativity, and persistent resourcefulness, drawn from years of experience, which benefit our clients and boards.


(Source - The Packard Companies)

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