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This true story you are about to read is from Psychologist Denis Waitley, former Naval Academy graduate and Top Gun Pilot. Dr. Waitley is the author of the all-time best selling personal and professional growth series, "The Psychology of Winning." From Olympic athletes to NASA astronauts to the CEO's of multinational and Fortune 500 corporations, Dr. Waitley has guided leaders to even higher levels of excellence and achievement. His insight may provide clues and shed some light as to why some agents consistently win in the FSBO market, while other agents never seem to get over the psychological barriers that a FSBO carries with it.

The Story

Before the start of the school year, Dr. Prescott Lecky told a group of teachers that they were selected as being the brightest teachers in the school and were being given the brightest students in the school to teach. However, he wasn't totally honest with them. You see, both the teachers and the students were chosen randomly from the school population. By the end of the year, all the students in these classes were doing brilliant work, and the teachers were saying how wonderful these "bright" students were to teach. When it was revealed that they were average students, the teachers beamed with pride, saying, "We must really be great teachers." But the teachers were also picked at random. What's the explanation? Three factors… First, since the teachers believed they were brilliant, they expected brilliant things from themselves. Second, by making the teachers believe the students were exceptional, they treated them as exceptional and had high expectations of them. And third, because of the way the teachers treated them --expecting greatness from them -- the students also got the idea that they were gifted. The result was that the students performed like exceptionally gifted children. This double-blind experiment proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the power of words and thoughts affect performance.

Application 101

How does this apply to the real estate industry? There are three parts to winning a FSBO back and listing it within your brokerage: #1 The inward psychology and self actualization of the agent; #2 Knowing what to say and when to say it; #3 Having a receptive and open prospect who is willing to listen to reasonable facts. Factors #1 and #2 are controllable. #3 is not, so don’t waste time on unreasonable people. Many agents and brokers are anti-FSBO, and they won’t even attempt an approach. It is possible that these unwilling real estate agents and brokers have sold themselves and maybe each other short, expecting FSBO failure, talking FSBO failure, believing in failure and getting low failing FSBO results?


The Psychology of Winning a FSBO

Ralph Isola is someone who understands a winning FSBO psychology in both training and the actual sales process. Isola has a methodical procedure with a series of psychological steps, which he uses with each and every FSBO that he approaches. It starts with an evaluation of whether he even wants to represent the property, then moves to a phone call with carefully planned language, where the homeowner gets excited about meeting Isola and showing the home. Then Isola follows an orchestrated plan that includes what he does bring and more importantly what he does not bring into the appointment, including disarming questions which he uses to not only gather the facts about the owner’s sales motives, time-line, and interest level, and home problems, but to win over the FSBO. Using himself as a case in point, Isola, now a FSBO champion, is offering his scripted methodology in Ralph’s own words in “FSBO Psychology: Get the Winning Edge”. This down to earth, easy to follow 30 minute interview is quickly available on the Internet by going to    

Isola’s Winning Record

Based in Southern Florida, Isola had a pre-real estate stellar career in the 90’s as a sales leader for corporations such as Honeywell and Motorola. However, in the year 2000, he saw a void in the amount of quality training available to new agents, and decided to take his corporate sales skills and knowledge and apply them to creating a first-rate training program. From there he surrounded himself with a team of professionals and trained them thoroughly in sales psychology and all aspects of real estate. This combination of concepts proved amazingly successful, and during 2006 his company, USA BEST REALTY closed approximately 210 transactions with a sales volume of $57,500,000.

Understanding the FSBO and Non FSBO

According to sources at iSucceed, for dollar a day, rookies, intermediates and veteran agents across the country can discover and implement proven, profitable real estate strategies of over 200 of the industry’s most successful agents, just like Ralph Isola. iSucceed - The Best Buy in online real estate mentoring - is increasingly considered to be the most valuable location for tools, scripts, shortcuts, dialogues, marketing ideas, and industry secrets, gathered directly from North America’s top real estate superstar agents. To make it even easier to listen to Ralph Isola, iSucceed/RISMedia is offering a free 14-day trial with unlimited access, exclusively for RISMedia readers. See for yourself if it isn’t worth a buck-a-day to change your real estate career. Interested parties need only enter the code “RISMEDIA14” when they go to


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