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The Real Estate Doctor is a service to the real estate industry; operating the African Continents social information network to the real estate profession. The Real Estate Doctor is a social network and marketing platform for real estate professionals; enabling them to create business relationships with clients and within the profession.

The Real Estate Doctor is to provide (without barriers) the industry with a tool and the technology for agents and property companies to support their core business of selling homes. - Empowering the real estate professional with real estate news, real estate technology & social news that impacts the industry. It also educates and empowers the consumers who want an inside look at the profession and its practitioners, and want to know the profession is looking out for them.

The Real Estate Doctor believes that: 
  • Homeownership is a positive base for social good. The Real Estate Doctor is committed to empowering property professionals so they can help people achieve the dream of homeownership.
  • Active participation of all real estate professionals, irrespective of their affiliation with industry groups or trade associations, creating a vibrant and diverse real estate community - essential to maintaining a strong industry.
  • Independence and an open and free exchange of information advances the interests of home buyers, home sellers and real estate professionals.

Features include:
   Social Network
   Discussion Forum
   Document Store
   Job Finder
   Email Newsletter Sytem
   ... and more

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Real Estate Social Media - Social Networks
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