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A Brief History...

I was born in Vicenza Italy in 1975 where my father was stationed in the army. Like most "army brats" I spent my childhood moving from place to place. I've hung my hat in cities such as Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Lubbock, Dallas, Austin, Amherst, Port Lavaca and Lafayette Louisiana.

Wanting to expand my creative and artistic talent, I enrolled in the University of Louisiana, Lafayette Architecture program. I worked for the Dean as an assistant for two years in the College of the Arts Department and then transferred to the School of Architecture Department which was home to Architecture, Interior Design and Industrial Design.

I quickly became drawn to the Industrial Design program and after a year in Architecture I changed my major to Industrial Design also known as Product Design. I saw the need for a student organization and founded the first Industrial Design student organization in Louisiana (IDSL). We traveled to Design/Production Centers such as: Mercedes and JVC in Tuscaloosa, NASA and Compaq in Houston and various studio's in Atlanta and South Carolina. After a couple of consecutive years attending Design seminars, Our organization (IDSL) was adopted by the national student organization for accredited Industrial Design colleges (IDSA).

A few notable college courses taken included Drafting, Art and the Computer, Hands on Steel (welding), Computer Animation, Jewelry, Business Ethics, Art History, Louisiana History, Latin American History and Painting (in France, Italy and England)

After receiving my Bachelor of Industrial Design in 2004, I decided to move closer to my family currently living in Port Lavaca. With over six years Web Design experience and fifteen years Graphic Design experience I am now working to round out the Real Estate team at Coldwell Banker Russell Cain.

Over the past 2 years I have had the honor to be a member of such clubs and organizations such as: The Port Lavaca Rotary Club, The Cancer Society, The Calhoun County Historical Commission and the Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce - where I currently resides as First Vice-President.

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Real Estate Social Media - Blogs Real Estate Agents
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