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The RealtyU® Group Launches RE Careers eZine
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RE Careers Makes its Debut

The RealtyU® Group of Companies recently launched its newest publication.  Dubbed “RE Careers: The Official Real Estate Career eZine”, the electronic magazine is now circulating on a monthly schedule, announcing the latest news, products and services offered by RealtyU’s family of companies.  Subscribe to the e-zine by clicking here.

Since its genesis in 1995, The RealtyU® Group has rapidly become the nation’s largest real estate career development corporation.  With over 200 campuses and 32 online educational websites, RealtyU® trained over 350,000 agents in 2005, and will easily eclipse that number by the end of this year.  As a natural, almost organic outworking of that growth comes RE Careers, a communication intended precisely for those agents who recognize the value of education and the consistent expansion of their real estate expertise.  The eZine contains a variety of features, including news feeds from USA Today and RIS Media and a myriad of articles pertaining to agent productivity, RealBlogging, the ASR® designation, business planning, coaching and mentoring, and an innovative industry trends tracker.

RealtyU®’s Online Information Pipeline

According to Stefan Swanepoel, The RealtyU® Group’s CEO, “Since our companies and our customer base are expanding at such a rapid rate, it only made sense at this point in time to create and distribute some kind of online periodical that would serve to keep them well-informed of pertinent events, products and services.  We appreciate their business, and we want to do everything we can to keep them plugged into what’s going on at RealtyU®.”  The companies that compose the RealtyU® Group also get an opportunity to shine in RE Careers.  With sixteen in total, these companies together educate approximately one out of every four Realtors® per year, and provide a seemingly endless flow of current information, including a formidable quantity of tips, announcements, reviews, news, and a broad range of opportunities for career enhancement.

The September Issue is Here!

The September issue of RE Careers features the new broker-centric software platform from CreateAPlan, the premier real estate-specific business planning system.  The new version allows brokers to keep track of all agent production in aggregate, helping them to better understand how expenditures influence profit margin, projecting future income based on the current activities of multiple agents, determining how many listings and sales are needed to achieve income goals, and exploring the financial impact of even the most minute changes to an operating budget, twelve months down the road.  Brokers can create an infinite number of scenarios, check task accountability plans, modify commission rates, add team members, target a specific sales price, and see what happens.

In this issue the Real Estate Apprentice® Foundation’s Second Season winner shuns the corporate look and goes Hollywood, striking out on a trail inspired by actor Harrison Ford – a unique and creative transformation from real estate agent to treasured Home Scout™.  The winningest college basketball coach in history, John Wooden, exemplifies the kind of career success iSucceed seeks to help its members achieve – a delightful read that highlights the rich story of this man's life as a coach, mentor and teacher.

The RealtyU® Bookstore offers a new marketing manual by Gerhard Cronje entitled “How to Make a Fortune in Real Estate by Marketing to Attorneys” aimed at successfully attracting those in the legal and financial professions via cost-effective marketing activities, and conducting career-long real estate business with lawyers and their clients. 

Check it Out

Interested agents can subscribe to the monthly online magazine by contacting RealtyU’s Customer Service Team at 949.600.7170, or by clicking the “Subscribe Today” link within the publication itself.


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