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A Proving Ground

For every amazing success story in real estate, the industry claims thousands of rookie casualties every year.  NAR statistics indicate that a large percentage of new agents leave the industry even before finishing their first year.  So if the opportunity to succeed in real estate is so evident, why do so many new agents decide to find success elsewhere?  The answer may lie in their failure to adhere to the fundamentals: focus, discipline, perseverance, and well-honed communication skills.

Often times the cause may be purely financial: many folks who obtain their license do so with the intent of participating in real estate on a part-time basis, not realizing the substantive time commitment required to build their business from ground zero into a thriving revenue generator.  As a result, these new agents seem to do everything right, but they often simply can’t do it long enough; and when the cash supply runs dry, they have no choice but to seek the security of a routine paycheck.

The Rookie Edge 

It is heartening to remember, though, that every successful real estate agent began with one flyer, one phone call, one email, one sale; and while the task may be daunting, it is by no means impossible. 

In fact, rookie agents possess a few compelling edges over their more experienced colleagues, as iSucceed Mentor JJ Johnston reveals in this week’s new success module.  Given the right combination of ambition, character, and skill, these powerful advantages can propel a new agent to early success and given them the confidence and positive experience they need to overcome the early challenges of a long-term real estate career.

Enjoy This Week’s New Success Module!



In this week’s new Success Module, “The Rookie Rulebook, Part I”, the infamous and practical JJ Johnston provides a wealth of fundamental information and sound advice to help rookie agents begin their career on the right foot.  JJ, a bon-a-fide veteran of the industry, has a special affinity for novice agents, and his no-nonsense approach to real estate has helped hundreds of newer agents build the right foundation for future success.  Enjoy this week’s success module and learn:

  • The proper, primary focus of a new agent.
  • The biggest challenge facing new agents – and how to overcome it!
  • Why face-to-face contact is the quickest way to success.
  • The power of listening and a valuable tip for securing your first listing!
  • A simple, powerful exercise for creating credibility and rapport.

When you’ve finished enjoying JJ’s newest success module, be sure to check out his other worthwhile iSucceed contributions: 


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