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The most important problems of real estate investment in Egypt
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The most important problems of real estate investment in Egypt

Of the most important problems of the real estate sector in Egypt, is the degradation of land registration system and bureaucracy that you are aware of all institutions without exception.

Corruption that was before the revolution, and took control of some big businessmen on public housing projects, which led to increased prices Egyptian citizen can not afford.

Change the face or the form of economic housing for the poor and the middle class to become an investment projects and depriving people of real estate investments, which provide him the right to adequate housing and appropriate amounts.

High bank interest largely led to the reluctance of citizens from dealing with banks, and due to lack of awareness, became a real estate offering in the black market gains at the expense of Structured Real Estate Egypt.

Cost of raw materials, where some influential businessman great political control of the largest state companies, and control the prices of products, leading to an increase in construction costs, and the inability of small investors to offer their services.

Collapse small and medium-sized businesses because of the corruption of big companies and their political influence in the field of Real Estate Egypt.


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