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This time the "Golden Years" are coming back for Antalya, Turkey.
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In our last article, we had forseen that “the golden years were coming back” to Turkey.  This analysis is on its way to becoming reality and proving what a correct market analysis we had made at the time.

A few months ago, our written view on the real estate market took the interest of many media sources, particularly Hurriyet Daily News, and was released worldwide on the internet, as such.  The interest shown on our article honoured us, and so we continue to analyze and research the

Real estate market in Turkey

Based on proven facts.

The heartbeat of the real estate sector in Turkey is without a doubt, Istanbul.  Alternatively, there is another city on the rise, that offers a market almost as widespread and profitable as Istanbul; so much so that it has been quoted “the future Istanbul of the Turkish Mediterranean”. 

In the last few years, Antalya has demonstrated itself in becoming one of the most rapidly developing cities in Turkey and has since captured the interest of investors worldwide.  It can be forseen that Antalya is enroute and progressively approaching the speed of property development in Istanbul

The city by the sea has particularly been the number one choice by Russian investors in the last two years.  The easy access to the Antalya International Airport, the year round exceptional climate, multiculturism, cost of living, culture, and other positive elements, have shown that residency, retirement and holidays are ideal choices to make.   Another key incentive has been the increase in areas with planning permission on well-suited, constructable terrain, at advantageous prices.

Even with the effect of the global crisis, investors from the UK have created an upbeat shift in the Turkish real estate market.  They have been taking steps towards investment for property development, in order to make use of the forecasted premium capital  growth ahead; hence, dipping into the construction sector.  In recent times, we have seen that UK investors have engaged in residential construction projects, predominantly in areas with newly approved planning permission and recently declared land for golf course developments.

Antalya continues to provide very sustaining conditions for property investment returns.  Regional development at a continual, yet firm pace; and the extensive land development opportunities for the ever increasing International population of Antalya, has without doubt, opened up the eyes of investors globally.  While the affordable prices of residential property on new and quality builds have made it easier for

Buying property in Antalya

There is popular interest from both private investors and investment companies on commercial real estate as well.

The Turkish economy continues to strengthen and proven facts show, that it is still one of the few countries worldwide, topping the charts on continued positive economic growth – and let’s not also  forget how strong the structure of the banking sector in Turkey really is.

This time, the Golden Years are coming back for Antalya and Turkey…Don’t miss out on the future.


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