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This company’s title search team visits local property title records in person, retrieving current ownership and liens. They conduct approximately 4,000+ title searches every day. Included in the search are:

·         Liens & Judgments: List of recorded liens, tax certificates, and claims against the property.

·         Current owner: ID of the actual owner of the subject property, and ownership structure, (joint, individual, trust).

·         Purchase price / date: Reveals what the current owners paid, seller information, and deed document details.

·         Mortgage amount: Mortgage details for open loans against the property, with lender name, amounts, and dates.

·         Copy of current deed showing conveyance, with abstract of all current liens, mortgages, and recorded documents.

Legal and Vesting fully typed property legal description, with official county stamp of recording.

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Home Purchase Facilitators - Title & Insurance Companies
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