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The Perfect Candidate

During a recent interview, Tom Mitchell, the COO of RealtyU® – the largest network of real estate schools in America – was asked to describe the profile of a successful real estate agent-learner. There was only one catch, though, this agent studied only online. Mitchell responded, “The online candidate is usually a self-motivated agent, a good manager of time, very focused, technology savvy and strongly goal-oriented.”

In essence, then, the ideal candidate for online learning is also someone who is a self-starter who requires minimal or no supervision. Live real estate education and training is much more ideal for those agents who enjoy classroom interaction with fellow agents and discussion with the instructor in a more social environment. This type of instruction is also appropriate for individuals who require more immediate answers and more detailed explanation. And yet, in a culture where Time is the ultimate enemy, online education can prove to be more cost-effective and convenient.

A Unique Perspective

With over 305,000 agents trained in the traditional classroom atmosphere, and over 30,000 agents learning online in 2004, RealtyU® definitely understands the diverse educational needs and desires of real estate agents. The company recently expanded their online education portal, which now offers access to over 1,900 online courses from the nation’s leading courseware providers: Dearborn/Kaplan, Thomson/CompuTaught, REALTORS® University, and The Real Estate Professionals Society.

When asked why RealtyU® had chosen these particular course providers, Mitchell responded, “In their own distinct way, each courseware provider represents the highest quality education and curriculum in the country. Until RealtyU® launched its online portal, well over 90% of online real estate education websites only delivered courses from one provider. You have to remember that agents looking for a course online are very similar to consumers looking for a listing - they really don’t really care which agent listed the house, they just want the house. Likewise, agents are looking for the right course, and generally don’t care who the actual course provider is.”

A One-Stop Shop

As a result, RealtyU® Online has become the portal for nearly every major real estate educational course provider in the country, so that the real estate industry has one-stop shop for online education. To plan the next step in your career development, visit their portal today.


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