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Top 10 Best Cities to Live, Work and Play in 2008
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In July 2008 Kiplinger Magazine picked the 10 best cities in which to live and work. They looked for places with strong economies and abundant jobs, then demand reasonable living costs and plenty of fun things to do. When we ran the numbers, some of the names that popped up made us do a double take at first. So the team at Kiplinger Magazine hit the road to meet the movers, shakers and regular folks, experience the ambience and take in the sights.


Here is the Top 10:


10. Provo, Utah


9. Des Moines, Iowa


8. Sacramento, California


7. Fayetteville, Arkansas


6. Austin, Texas


5. Colorado Springs, Colorado


4. Boise, Idaho


3. Omaha, Nebraska


2. Raleigh, North Carolina


1. Houston, Texas


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