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Jim Remley, real estate veteran and author of "Make Millions Selling Real Estate", recently posted a great blog on detailing the top 10 factors critical to the success of a brokerage company's operations. Jim is one of the 40 regular contributors that make up the eclectic mix of industry visionaries, leaders and new paradigm thinkers on that include people such as Jeremy Conaway, Chuck Jacobus, Jack Peckham, Richard Nacht, Michael Russer, Stu Siegel, Stefan Swanepoel, John Tuccillo, Verl Workman and Dirk Zeller to name but a few.

Remley's blog provides considerably more detail on each item, but the summary of the top 10 management ideas are:

  1. Build the Customer Base
  2. Manage the Property
  3. Manage the staff
  4. Manage the Customer Experience
  5. Add Value
  6. Manage the Marketing
  7. Build Revenue
  8. Manage Expenses
  9. Solve Problems Quickly
  10. Simplify and Systemize

Jim is convinced that if any real estate agent applies these same ideas to their business they can create tremendous success. For more ideas from Jim Remley or any of the other industry experts visit RealBlogging today.


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