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Top 10 Real Estate Reality TV Shows and What We Can Learn From Them
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Here are the top 10 reality TV shows to date that are real estate oriented. Top 10 lists are often subjective, so I know some of you will like others better, but that's the fun of it;p

Here are the top ten real estate TV shows going into 2009 and just a few of the many lessons we can learn from them:

10. Get It Sold (HGTV)"

Small changes often yield greater results. Yup, sweeping that walkway, vacuuming that carpet, replacing that worn old chair - even the little things make a difference when selling and staging a house.

9. Weekend Warriors (HGTV)

Fixing up a home to make it easier to sell doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Many things we think are hard just take some common sense and the right directions.

8. Secrets That Sell (HGTV)

Don't be afraid to ask for help from professionals if you're a seller - they can save you a lot of time and headaches. Do set a reasonable budget and stick to it. Looks can make the difference between a sale and a fail.

7. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)

The amount of work that's put into each and every home is a true reminder of the gift every family on this show gets. When a community gets involved, things happen.

6. My House is Worth What? (HGTV)

Sellers may not like to hear the truth about what their homes are worth, but if you get them to listen you can help them more than they know.

5. Designed to Sell (HGTV)

Design a home the right way to begin with and it will sell much faster.

4. Bought & Sold (HGTV)

Sometimes you have to go extraordinary lengths to close a deal, but it can be well worth it in the end.

3. Moving Up (TLC)

Moving out and selling the tiny home a growing family has been in for years can be hard - so many memories, not enough money, etc. - but the right agent can make it happen.

2. House Hunters (HGTV)

Building a home is HARD and INVOLVED. Just buy one - you have so many options!;p

1. Flip That House (TLC)

Yes, even you can make money off flipping a home, but it takes work, skill, pull-through and sound professional advice to make it happen.

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