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Top 12 Prospecting Questions Every Agent Should Ask
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In a previous article “Perfecting the Art of Prospecting”,  we looked at prospecting questions and the importance of developing the right questions beforehand. Now let’s look at some potential questions to get your thought process moving in the right direction.  Once the transition to real estate is made, the following sample questions are typical of what might be used in seller prospecting conversations.

1.)    I noticed you have been making some improvements to your home and wondered if you were  giving some         thought to putting it on the market?

2)    Tell me about your situation?

3)    Why have you decided to sell your home?

4)    What do you like most about your home and what do you think are its strongest selling points?

5)    Who do you think the ideal buyer for your home might be in terms of a profile?

6)    Your home (price point, design, lot, etc.) is popular right now ... are you interested in knowing home prices             in your neighborhood?

7)    Have you gone to any open houses or looked at websites to see homes like yours that are currently listed             for sale?

8)    How many owners are involved with this property?

9)    Are you interviewing other agents?

10)    If I were to help you with the sale of your home, what expectations and outcome would you have of me? 

11)    Will there be anyone else whom you would like to involve in making the decision to list your home?

12)    When might I tour your home?

Knowing who is listed as the owner of the property will help determine who needs to be at the listing presentation. Your goal is to assure that all the decision makers are present in order to finalize a listing agreement with all of the required signatures. In the situation of an estate sale, there may be a court appointed executor. Legal documents validate this authority and should be secured and kept in the listing file.  Many individuals feel they need to seek the advice of others such as a family member, an attorney, or a friend. In that case, you should ask that those individuals also be at the listing presentation to eliminate any need to further delay the actual listing process.

These questions and much more are just a small part of the extensive Accredited Seller Agency (ASR) course.  To learn more about improving your seller representation skills and earning the ASR designation go to


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