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Top Green Spring Cleaning Tips
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After a long, tough winter nothing feels better than giving your home a thorough spring cleaning. And while spring cleaning may be a time-tested rite in your home, the way we clean is changing. Why not go green this year? Here are 5 great tips if you want to enjoy a clean home and protect the environment at the same time.

1. Skip Hire to Declutter Your Home

If you are blessed with a house, garden and garage, you may have noticed that an amazing amount of items have accumulated in the space you call home. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to hire a skip and sort through all your belongings. Toss out whatís broken or no longer usable. Skip hire companies also recycle these days, so entrust them with your old magazines or wood debris from the garden.

2. Recycle the Rest

Recycle anything that is still in good condition but that you no longer want. Think unused appliances, old clothes, books or furniture you want to get rid of. Recycling is the right thing to do, rather than adding more stuff to already burdened landfills. There are many websites you can check to find a recycling centre near you. They will be glad to take your items.

3. Go Green with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Once you have gotten rid of the clutter, it will be much easier to actually clean your home. If you are new to going green with your spring cleaning, you can start out by buying environmentally-friendly products. You will find them anywhere these days, as so many people are aware of the damage being done by heavy chemicals and are demanding better products.

If you are ready to do even more, go ahead and make your own earth-friendly cleaning solutions. The items you need, such as distilled white vinegar, baking soda, borax or liquid castile soap, may already be in your pantry or laundry room. You donít even have to forego the pleasant scents you are used to from commercial cleaning products. Just add some drops of essential oils, such as lavender or lemon, to your home-made cleaning liquid.

4. Clean with Reusables

Stay with the green theme by ditching paper towels and using washable microfibre cloths or other reusable materials, such as an old towel or t-shirt for cleaning. And while floor cleaning systems may sound good, they are costly and require added supplies. Why not use a simple broom for sweeping instead?

5. Organise Your Home

Now that everything is clean and shiny, you may want to organise your home in a way that is environmentally-friendly as well. Rather than using plastic bins, you could use storage containers made of bamboo, or cardboard boxes wrapped in decorative paper. Once you start looking around, you will see a lot of options available for the earth-friendly consumer.

You may not have considered it until now, but spring cleaning could be the perfect time for you to go green.

Thanks to Proskips, a skip hire company based in Chelsea for this guest blog.

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