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This section describes why we compare the best security systems and how we conduct the comparisons and come up with our results. We believe itís imperative that our visitors know the how and why when it comes to our best home security system reviews and company comparisons. We also want to help homeowners find the best home security system for their home and their needs.

What are the best criteria for rating a home security company?

- Overall Expert Opinion
- Company Reputation
- Customer Service
- Affordability & Value
- Installation Method/Ease of Installation
- Overall Technology
- Home Automation
- Monitoring Services
- Security System Equipment
- Warranty

All of the above criteria carry equal weight when determining the best security systems and companies.  It would be unfair for one category to carry more weight than another simply because we donít want any one factor determining a winner.  A truly great security system company and system will have great ratings in all or a majority of the categories.

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