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Top Tips to Help You Avoid Costly Home Repairs
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Not to sound clichťd but it is true that a stitch in time saves nine.

There is a reason maintenance is among the top priorities everywhere. Your home should be no different. The price to be paid for not paying attention to what is happening in and around your home is simply too high.

Thankfully maintenance is not difficult to carry out. It may feel like an impossibly boring chore but it certainly isnít difficult or expensive. Purchase DIY home maintenance products and use them on a regular basis. Invest a little time and money in regular maintenance and save thousands of pounds and a truckload of worry later on.

Keep the foundation strong

It makes sense to start with the basics, or at the base, as the case may be. If you live in a region that gets water logged on not an irregular basis, or experiences plenty of snowfall in winters, you might want to watch out for damage that walls undergo when exposed to water and humidity for long.

The telltale signs to watch out for: peeling paint and cracks at the base of the exterior walls.

As a rule of thumb itís a good idea to keep the area surrounding the walls dry as moisture tends to swell the soil, which in turn puts pressure on the foundation of the walls.

Dampness also brings with it the problem of mould and rot.

Regularly check your walls for any unwelcome signs or growth, regardless of the season or the climate. That way you will be able to tackle them before the problem worsens.

Merry-making mice and creaking floors

Have you ever gone to bed hearing something scurrying or screeching under the floorboard? Thatís the regular night activity of rats. If you have also seen mice droppings or shredded bits of paper and fabric here and there, you absolutely should not ignore them. Rats also tend to get rather at home in ceilings and walls. And the less said about their multiplying capacity the better. Letís just say that so much as a slight suspicion of a mouse scampering around your house or garden should set the alarm bells ringing in your mind.

On top of that if the planks in the wooden flooring are creaking in places, you should immediately get them fixed. And ring the mice control people.

Roof maintenance

Older wooden roofs, especially in the loft, may start giving an ominous air as time goes on. There are a number of problems that may plague them if they are not taken good care of.

Check if the beams or shingles are as strong as ever or if time and elements have taken a toll on them. Roofs should be kept dry and devoid of rot. Lofts in particular make good abode for mice and other types of buggers. Keep the place dry and clean of cobwebs so that you are able to spot mice trails and other dwellings.

As a rule all the old wooden frames within the house should be checked for their sturdiness periodically. Replacing old creaking wooden balustrades with stainless steel handrails and balustrades is also a good idea, as a steel frame is a lot stronger and durable than a wooden one.

Check the plumbing

Leaky faucets should immediately grab your attention, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere. Check the pipes for corrosion, stains, and any weird smells or sounds. Leakage not only affects your water bills but could also be an indication of a deeper problem. Have it looked at right away and make necessary replacements.

Donít ignore slow draining. Water not draining immediately is a sign your drain needs to be cleaned. Tend to it on a regular basis and keep the drains unclogged for efficient water drainage.

Specialized Real Estate - Luxury Homes
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