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Beat The Spring Rush

Bonnie Jessee 530 412 3984

In a down market or an up market, it doesn’t matter because spring showers typically bring spring buyers, especially to resort areas such as Truckee and Lake Tahoe.

If you wait for the seasonal melt you could join what could be a swarm of market knowledgeable buyers who have already educated themselves on local market and putting in for position.

In many communities, an over-supply of homes for sale with reduced prices, foreclosures, auction sales and sellers shopping for short sale buyers, all make it an opportune time not to procrastinate. That is not the case in our area however.  While there are many great deals to be had, inventory hasn’t changed much since last season at this time.

With interest rates at a record low and the affordability index nears a 5-year high; the first-time buyer, especially with the first time buyers tax credit in place for the next several months, this is a super time to buy!

If you wait for prices to fall any more you could miss out on the current great local pricing. No one knows when the market will hit bottom until it begins a sustained upward turn and you can look back and actually see bottom. January saw a slight increase in this area, while less than 1% and increase it was!

Buy a home because, for you, it's the right thing to do for you and your family. Buy because it's more affordable than renting or leasing, because you plan on staying put until it pays off, buy because it is a good fit for your lifestyle and your personal goals.

In the more stable markets such as Truckee and Lake Tahoe, the upper end might continue to chill, however with record-low interest rates demand should stay relatively strong for well positioned and well priced properties. Call me today 530 412 3984!

Truckee Real Estate Free Buyer's Guide


Buy Recession Proof in Truckee, California

Bonnie Jessee ABR, Dickson Realty

Truckee~North Tahoe, California

Information You Need to Succeed in Your Real Estate Investment

You are ready to purchase your dream vacation home.  It could be your first or second vacation home; and you insist on making it a wise investment property. It’s a very exciting time, but it’s also a very serious time. Given that a real estate investment will be the largest purchase most of us will ever make be certain you prepare properly.  Educate yourself by getting answers to these questions from your Professional!

  • Do I know how to get the best property at the best price?
  • Do I know a Realtor® experienced and knowledgeable in the area?
  • Do I know what to look for to make a wise real estate investment?
  • How do I reduce home-buying aggravation and stress?
  • What do I do to avoid costly home-buying mistakes?

The Buyer’s Guide was designed specifically to make you knowledgeable and to keep you focused, so that you have the advantage when purchasing real estate. Believe it or not, the mistakes that seem negligible end up costing you significantly over time. If you buy the wrong property, you won’t be happy. 

Real World Information Provided by Your Realtor ~Local Expert

One of the reasons the Buyer’s Guide is effective is because of the local expertise behind it. This Buyer’s Guide focuses primarily on Truckee and also provides valuable information on locations; inspections; insurance; and the many documents you will encounter during the buying process.

So that you can read and review at your own pace, My Buyer’s Guide empowers you with real-world skills so that you know:

  • What home features are most important to you
  • What neighborhoods are the best suited to you and family
  • How to identify hidden traps when selecting a home
  • How to identify the perfect location for you now and in the future
  • The keys to identifying and evaluating specific home characteristics and qualities best suited for your requirements and future sales

My Buyer’s Guide is full of information you’ll need to succeed in your next real estate transaction. And it’s compact, so you’ll be able to acquire the information you need quickly and easily.


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