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Tsunami Relief - Call for Support
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On December 26, 2004, the coasts of the Indian Ocean bore the brunt of a natural disaster of unprecedented proportions. The ferocious earthquake and resulting tsunamis that took so many by surprise have wrought devastation across more than 10 countries, leveled entire villages and cities, and left a humanitarian crisis in their wake.

The numbers are staggering, and continue to roll in hourly. In addition to dealing with the horror of the hundreds of thousands injured, missing or lost to this tragedy, the residents and tourists of the countries affected are also struggling to simply survive, and fill their basic daily needs for food, water, medicine, shelter and clothing.

Relief organizations have been encouraged as assistance efforts have galvanized across the globe in what will likely be one of the biggest outpourings of support ever known for a natural disaster. Like so many other organizations around the world who are calling upon their partners and customers to come together to aid in the relief effort, iSucceed and its partners RealtyU and RealSure would like to send out a call to all of our valued members, mentors, and business partners, that we may all offer assistance in whatever form or amount we are able. Our motive, of course, is to help ease the suffering of those so profoundly affected.

To that end, we would like to provide you with a list of resources where you may learn more about relief efforts. The following is a list of links provided by various sources. Our heartfelt concern is with everyone affected by this terrible tragedy.


Of particular interest to all real estate professionals, NAR President Al Mansell announced this week the creation of the REALTOR® Tsunami Relief Project. Information about this program is available here:

CNN’s list of aid sites:

CNN’s tsunami informational site:

Google’s list of aid sites:

Humanitarian response:

Tsunami informational blog:

Helplines/emergency services:

Post free photos of missing persons & orphans of the tsunami:

Post information about missing persons:

Missing persons info:


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