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URBaCS is a software as a service (SAS) web application for new home builders. URBaCS helps builders increase sales opportunities by doing the following;
  • Spread builders marketing message farther than traditional marketing or advertising.
  • Enhance the builders in model sales process.
  • Help build more referrals.

URBaCS does this by providing the builders homeowners with their own personal website to upload and share pictures of their new home with their friends and families.

The homeowners personal sites are branded to mirror the builders website with embedded links back to the builders website. When the homeowners post and share pictures of their new home with their friends, they are also spreading the builders message.

As the number of homeowner website grow, the reservoir of pictures grow. URBaCS provides the builder with a public searchable website which pulls all of the individual pictures together on one site. On this site the pictures are searchable by home, category, or feature. Now the builder’s sales team has a tool to show prospective homeowners pictures of literally any home in the system. This tool is an enhancement to the sales process.

When homeowners send invitations to visit their website to their friends, a link with a coupon and driving directions the builders model will be attached. The coupon asks the friend to visit the builder’s model home. When they do, as a thank you $10.00 will be donated on their behalf to Habitat for Humanity. This effort drives more traffic and encourages referrals.

The URBaCS Referral builder is an easy effective and affordable marketing tool.

URBaCS Management Team
Rob Wagoner - 317-723-6156 or
Jayson Manship - 317-723-6155 or

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Technology Providers in Real Estate - Real Estate Internet Services
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