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U.S. Real Estate Depot was formed to contribute to the internet revolution that is taking place in the real estate industry. U.S. Real Estate Depot is a straight flat fee commission real estate brokerage that takes advantage of the efficiencies that have been created by the internet. 

U.S. Real Estate Depot utilizes no frills marketing, proven to be the most powerful in the industry, and provides only the essential money saving tools necessary to search for, buy and sell properties. It then passes those savings along to the consumer through an exclusive flat fee commission structure that was created to benefit the consumer.

U.S. Real Estate Depot completes the transition from the traditional "hand holding" brokerage transactions of yesterday into the future of informed consumer empowered transactions that are possible today. This anomaly is similar to the transition that took place in the travel industry only a few years ago. That transition began with the traditional travel agencies that once occupied every corner shopping center, and continues with today's consumer empowered online travel sites that have become the standard.

U.S. Real Estate Depot keeps costs to a minimum by utilizing the internet. We do not have a large expensive high rent office, we do not use expensive messenger services, we do not pass the work off to expensive employees like transaction coordinators or agent assistants so we can get the deal started and go on vacation, and yet we still have been able to complete all of our transactions efficiently without these unnecessary expenses that must be passed on to the consumer.

Using the latest technology and discarding inefficient traditional methods, in addition to teaching our clients that they can become empowered to analyze market dynamics with information available on the internet, our clients can take control and keep informed of all aspects of their transaction. This unique system allows our real estate transactions to be very efficient. This efficiency saves a lot of time which results in real money savings.

That savings, by means of our ethical flat fee commission, is then passed on to our clients. To find out more about how exactly you can utilize our company and the internet to take more control and save thousands of dollars on your next real estate transaction visit our Learn webpage.


                             (At least ours is)

Even though most real estate brokerage commissions have been up and down, and up again, our commission will always be flat...
                                  Regardless of the property price.

If you aren't using U.S. Real Estate Depot to buy or sell your property, you are losing money on your transaction.

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