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Search engine optimization? Just the phrase is enough to make the average agent cover their ears and chant "La la la la!". But what exactly does it mean? Let us paint a picture for you; if you drill down deeper, beyond the broad subject of technology, past software and hardware, into the World Wide Web and directly into the coveted "online sales" niche, you'll discover the heart of internet marketing - a concept whose chief tool is SEO.

There's no need to quote statistics anymore: they so frequently indicate the overwhelming importance of optimizing web pages that SEO has essentially become one of the imperative exercises in the creation of any web site. It is no wonder, then, that countless SEO marketing companies are appearing out of thin air these days; each one dangling the carrot of first-page status in front of agents and promising outstanding page rankings for your most important keyword searches...the gold nugget for drawing prospects into your site.

In a recent article, entitled Location IS Everything blogging expert Richard Nacht provides further evidence of the vital role that SEO plays in the creation and success of any web site., “In the current Internet marketing landscape search engines are the key to success. Research shows that up to 70% of all traffic to a web site. comes through search engines, and that 77% of home shoppers use the Internet during their home search.” Numbers like these cannot be ignored, but often times with SEO it's a matter of understanding how the game is played.

Whether the real estate industry likes it or not, the Internet represents both an opportunity to be exploited and a true peril with which we must contend. It is the main tool through which interested buyers, begin (and increasingly end) their search for that next home. although the learning curve required to understand how to maximize a page's full search engine recognition potential can be steep, spending the time to learn can mean business and commission check. The key is to discover and apply an SEO strategy that consistently works.

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo use sophisticated algorithms (a set of well-defined instructions for accomplishing some task) to separate and prioritize the well-designed web page code from the poorly configured ones. The major search engine companies keep the algorithm formulas safely hidden through a complex digital security system that rivals Fort Knox. However, that does not mean that you can't understand what search engines look for and with that knowledge, get yourself the most web site. visibility and traffic. Searching the Internet for SEO information is a great way of discovering useful information and advice regarding how to optimize your site. Here are a few simple SEO guidelines to help you connect online with customers.

First, consider creating titles for each page you design that are both pertinent to your subject matter and easily distinguishable on the Web. Also make sure that you create high-quality content geared more toward site visitors than the search engines. Avoid keyword stuffing (the repetition of the same phrase or word in more than 25% of the content you create) and deceptive techniques like cloaking (creating two version of the same page - one for the search engines an another for visitors) and invisible characters.

Hundreds of factors are taken into account by the major search engine crawlers, and the acceptable parameters are not fixed. Search engine companies will change their definition of what is considered “proper” from time to time, so stay up to date on SEO information. In an interview titled SEO: The New Holy Grail of Internet Marketing iSucceed Mentor Cathy Russell remarked, “If you don't get involved on the web, the rest of the online crowd will go whizzing by you. Developing genuine leads from an online environment is about staying on top of things, because the boundaries are changing all the time.” SEO experts generally agree that placing keywords in the title tags, domain names, pointing links, and visible text has a significant influence on a site's ranking. Link popularity - the degree to which your links are used by your visitors - also carries a good deal of weight. Keeping your site updated and new, is another way to ensure its continued success with search engines. Modify the content of your site on a regular basis to keep those crawlers “interested” in what you have to say via your online gateway to the world. For a more in-depth examination of the various aspects of SEO, take a look at Cathy's iSucceed Success Module SEO for Real Estate Dummies: How to Set Up & Maintain a #1 Site.

The Internet has undoubtedly revolutionized the speed and the style of our communication, connecting people the world over. However, let's face it - when it comes to sales, the very lifeblood of business, your web site is one fish in a vast ocean of predators. Only a few hundred million other folks want the exact same thing you do for their keywords. Front-page ranking. People cannot visit your web site unless they are aware of its existence and your site must be interesting enough to make them stay. Despite changing SEO boundaries and strong competition, you can create the visibility and intrigue you need to drive customers to your site.


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