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A Goldmine for the Right Mindset

FSBO’s are very possibly the most profitable real estate niche available, and the great news is that they are also attainable by agents of virtually all experience levels. Despite that opportunity, many agents who try to secure FSBO’s eventually end up seeking other avenues of profit, simply because of the repetitious rejection they often experience when dealing with frustrated and confused sellers.

When potential sellers begin to ponder the idea of actually making their home available for purchase, it’s easy to understand the line of thinking that emboldens them to go it alone. For probably 99% of all FSBO sellers, the bottom line is profit; making it, and keeping it. They ask themselves: “Why should I pay a commission to an agent to do what I can easily do myself? I want to keep as much of my money as possible.” In their minds, money paid out in an agent’s commission is not compensating a professional for services rendered; it’s just that much less money in their own pockets.

What sellers – especially first-timers – fail to realize is that they are sorely lacking in the breadth of knowledge and expertise required to effectively market, process, and see a transaction through to the close of escrow in today’s real estate industry. While those first few weeks on the market may seem ripe with possibility and potential buyers, the thrill and excitement of “doing it yourself” quickly wears off, as throngs of unqualified buyers continue to waste owners’ time and resources.

As the frustration level grows and options narrow, reality begins to set in. Maybe, just maybe, they need to look into hiring a professional. But how can they find someone who is financially reasonable, professionally savvy, and trustworthy? That’s one tall order.

A Unique System

After a few attempts at working with FSBO’s, iSucceed Mentor Mark McKee began to understand their mindset, and his response was the creation of "The Rejection-Free FSBO System", a method for persuading FSBO’s to list with him by supporting them rather than selling to them. The key concept he discovered was a shift in focus: instead of entering the scene with a cookie-cutter answer to the unique situation of potential FSBO clients, he learned to empathize with them and demonstrate genuine support to them – whether that support came in the form of marketing, pricing, or helping to counsel them through the sales process.

This demonstrable and consistent support built his prospective customer’s trust, earned their respect, and evidenced his skill. The best part was that, in many cases, Mark eventually obtained the listing.

In this week’s Success Module, Mark McKee explains how to earn FSBO business without getting worn down by rejection and the fierce competition of other Realtors. Learn:
  • The five basic facts true of nearly every FSBO.
  • How to take a supportive approach to FSBO’s as opposed to a negative and critical one.
  • A rejection-free script for overcoming the skepticism and reluctance of the FSBO to work with an agent.
  • How to guide FSBO’s to this key response, ‘Okay, so what’s the catch here?’ which is the final open door to gaining the listing.


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