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What Affects Retractable Awning Prices?
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Many homeowners have recognised that awnings are an ideal choice for shading windows or large outdoor areas, but they are a little concerned with the price – are they affordable or is this something you’ll have to put off until later? At the end of the day, retractable awning prices will depend on a number of factors (from the size to its operations). We have outlined some of these factors in the list below to give you an idea of the cost.

It goes without saying that the larger the awning, the more you’re expected to pay for it. After all, you have to pay for all the extra materials that are comprised in its manufacture. Generally, they’re available in spans up to 15 metres wide and 3.5 metres deep (the latter measurement is how far it projects out from the wall). In the same line of thought, a smaller covering will be far cheaper.

With a large variety of fabrics to choose from, your selection can also play a role in how much the awning costs. A standard fabric will be the cheapest option, whereas a sunscreen or blockout fabric is at the more expensive end of the spectrum. Don’t immediately discount a ‘speciality’ fabric because of the cost – these fabrics will offer your home a number of benefits that you may want to take advantage of.

Standard vs Custom
One of the major factors that affects retractable awning prices is whether you’ve opted for a standard (ready-made) product or you’re having it custom made. A custom project is generally going to cost you more, but you will have the peace of mind that the covering will be a perfect fit for your home and will complement your décor with ease. If you’re on a budget, seeing if a standard product will suit might be best.

Generally, you will have to choose between manual and motorised operation. Manual operation is the cheapest option and involves a crank handle (usually located externally) that you turn to open or retract the awning. Motorised operation is the most expensive operation and involves either a remote control or sensor – open and retract the covering at the push of a button or according to the weather!

Believe it or not, your location can also play a role in how much awnings cost. There are two main reasons for this – firstly, if you’re having them shipped to your home you’ll have to pay for it; secondly, if you’re having a professional installation you’ll have to pay a call out fee. Generally, if you’re located in the metro area you’ll have a flat delivery/installation fee – if you’re located rurally, it’ll cost you more.

If you’re interested in retractable awning prices, we hope that the points outlined above have given you a much better idea of what can affect the cost and how much you might be looking at. For an exact price, the best way to proceed is to obtain a quote – be sure that you provide as much detail as possible to ensure that the quote is accurate. Although awnings can prove to be a little on the expensive side, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for.

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