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What Alternatives Do I Have As A Seller In A Slow Market?
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Many homeowners consider alternatives such as renting their homes or offering their homes under a lease purchase agreement during a slow market.  In addition, short sales are popular with certain homeowners needing to sell their properties quickly in slow market conditions.  The seller must also be sure to be as competitive as possible, beginning with the asking price and ending with the condition of the home.  Also, consider perks offered to encourage a prospective buyer to take the plunge.  In some cases sellers have offered everything from new appliances to a new car or a vacation cruise.


Your agent can help you identify a home staging service.  Often these services will offer a free visit to your home or some discounts in exchange for referrals.  A staging agent can help you make the necessary changes (color of paint, rearranging furniture, updating certain areas, etc.) to make your home more appealing.  The seller could even ask the agent to visit other listed homes in the neighborhood or the area and identify opportunities for improvement.  In this market, some sellers are including statements such as “motivated seller” or ‘bring all offers” to attract investors or other bargain hunters.


Please search this document for information on the lease purchase agreement to obtain complete details on this alternative.

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