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What Are The Advantages Of A Real Estate Career?
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Research has shown that a real estate career offers many advantages not found in most other career paths. Foremost is the ability to earn an income, which is not limited by hourly wages or other factors. Real estate agents are paid for each sale they make. Since transactions occur daily in all areas of real estate, an agent's earnings are limited only by the amount of time and effort he or she is willing to put into his career.


Most sales agents work as independent contractors for a broker who holds their license. Appointments can be scheduled during times convenient to both the agent and his or her clients. This makes it easy to arrange a schedule to accommodate personal business and emergencies.  Time management is a critical skill agents must master. 


Since agents are independent contractors, they also enjoy high levels of creative freedom. If they have a creative idea that they think will help them increase their sales, they are generally free to pursue it fully, without a boss stepping in to shoot down the idea before trying it.


Another advantage of a real estate career is that it is relatively easy to jump-start. Prospective agents must pass a pre-licensing course and state-licensing exam before entering the field.


Pre-licensing courses run approximately $300 to $400 and many brokers will refund this fee to a prospective agent, when they pass the state exam and “hang” their license with their company.  This means that a prospective agent can enter the exciting real estate field for far less than the cost of the college courses necessary to enter other professions.

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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