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When purchasing a home, buyers will be interested in the following criteria. You can differentiate yourself from your competition by asking your agent to have this information readily available in your home along with other sales material.  Other information you may want to provide is cost of utilities and property taxes. 


Economic Stability--When choosing a community for your purchase, it makes the most sense to buy in a city with a good and stable economy.  In addition to residential neighborhoods, there should be a healthy mixture of commercial and business districts. These not only provide jobs to the local residents, but also add an income source that the city can use to upgrade and maintain roads and city services.  Take a drive and see how well the area is maintained.


Local Government Services:  One example would be the local library system. Are there several library branches?  Do they stock a good selection of books, including recent best sellers?  Check local crime statistics and compare the city to the national average. How far are the local fire stations?


Community services--Does the city sponsor youth sports and have well maintained athletic facilities and parks? Do they sponsor community events, such as an annual parade? Are there activities available for children, teenagers and senior citizens?  Your local agent will have amassed a wealth of information on these subjects of inquiry. It is also another reason to always use a local agent.


Schools--Even if you do not have school-age children and donít plan to have children, you must pay attention to the local schools. Thatís because many of your potential buyers will have concerns of this type.  You will want to know if the local schools are overcrowded. Take a drive around and see if there are trailers outside the local schools. Call up the local school district and see if elementary aged children always attend the school closest to their home. If not, ask why?  Are there plans to build new schools?  How will building new schools affect local property taxes?  You should also check local studentsí scores on the standardized tests.  You can ask your agent to help you obtain this information.  You can also check internet school reports on the internet.


Property Taxes--These may be higher in one town than another nearby city. This can sometimes affect whether potential homebuyers view a community as a desirable place to live. Often, they will choose not to purchase in a community with higher taxes.  Higher property taxes often mean newer and more modern schools, well-maintained roads, and bountiful community services.

Home Selling Questions - Staging & Marketing FAQ's
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