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What Buyer Questions Should I Be Prepared To Address?
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Following are some typical questions a buyer might ask:


Why are you selling? This question indicates to the buyer how motivated you may be or if there are any potential problems driving you to sell.


What can you tell me about the neighbors or the neighborhood?  The buyer here wants to know what the environment they may buy into is like.


How old is the roof?  The buyer is trying to identify the general condition of the home. This question appears in the Seller’s Disclosures.    


When was the last time the furnace was cleaned? The response to this question will indicate to the buyer how well you have maintained your home.  You may want to update any maintenance requirements before listing the house.


Is this house haunted? Believe it or not, buyers may ask this question. They want to find out whether the house is “stigmatized” by having been the scene of a crime or suicide in the past. If you know of any issues, you are required to disclose this information.


Has this home ever been rented? By asking this question the buyer will try to identify how well the home has been maintained, since tenants are known not to maintain their rental property as well as a homeowner would. 


What are the local schools like?  A savvy buyer will want to buy in an excellent school district both if he/she has children and for resale purposes. 


Your agent should be able to help you find the responses to these questions. 

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