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What Characteristics Do Successful Agents Have?
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Although many personality types have succeeded in real estate sales, a few major characteristics make the chances of success far higher. Career Planner lists people-orientation as the first characteristic that improves the agent's probability of success. "Especially in the case of residential sales, there is a great deal of emotional involvement...the best salespeople are those who recognize really should matter whether the couple who buys the home will live happily there, not just whether they will sign the sales contract."


The author also says that attention to detail improves the agent's chances for success. "Every real estate transaction involves contracts that must be completed correctly if the sale is going to be legal. The successful real estate agent ... must be careful and conscientious enough to be sure that every detail is correct."


In addition, a successful agent consistently works on increasing his or her contact database.  Although not essential, an outgoing personality or a willingness to make new acquaintances, results in new clients and much-desired referrals.  Successful agents see a potential client in everyone they know, as well as everyone they meet, and they are willing to continuously nurture those relationships. 


Recently, the internet has had a great impact on the way real estate professionals conduct their business.  To succeed in the real estate field today, the agent must learn to use the internet to his or her advantage. Modern agents have become skilful in developing their own websites, searching for the latest information on the net and consistently updating their knowledge through the wealth of information available online.  


The last and perhaps most important characteristic of many successful agents is enthusiasm, according to the author. "The agent must believe in the importance of the job and in his or her ability to do it well." Eventually, lack of enthusiasm will make it hard for the agent to give his or her best to the job and will result in decreased sales and lower earnings.

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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