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What Do I Do After I Narrow Down My School Options?
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Once you have narrowed down your options regarding the potential schools and school districts you are impressed with, you want to carefully plan a personal visit to the school.  No amount of research can replace the impressions you obtain from physically visiting the schools. 


Before visiting, you want to do your homework.  Learn as much about the school by reading about it, make notes of questions which pop up regarding student performance, resources and teacher backgrounds.  You can also talk to other parents whose children attend a particular school and who live in the area or neighborhood you are considering.  You can even search the local newspaper for stories about the schools. 


Next, you will want to schedule your visit by calling the school’s main telephone number and asking to speak with the school secretary.  Explain that you are moving to the area and are considering enrolling your child in that school.  Ask to schedule an appointment to visit the school.  Check to see if you will be able to meet the principal and your child’s grade teachers while you are visiting. 


The day of your visit, observe the environment and ask as many questions as possible.  How comfortable does the school feel to you?  Would your child feel secure in this environment?  What do the classrooms look like?  What impression do you get of the teachers you meet?  Trust your instincts. 

Home Buying Questions - Search & Offer FAQ's
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