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What Do I Need To Bring To The Closing?
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The Buyer’s responsibilities at closing include having adequate settlement funds ready, having an attorney present if desired, and, if borrowing, obtaining the loan commitment and advising the lender of the meeting’s time and place.  Typically, the buyer is asked to bring the funds covering his/her closing expenses, which should have been disclosed by the lender in the settlement statement ahead of the closing. These include the down payment amount and other closing expenses.  The funds should be in the form of a certified check issued in the buyer’s name.  In addition, all parties to the purchase should bring a valid picture ID such as a driver’s license.


If a new loan is involved, the lender will “fund” the amount of the loan and provide a note and mortgage for the borrower to sign.  If an existing loan is to be paid off as part of the transaction, the person or group in charge of the closing takes responsibility for the disbursing of the funds. 


Different states may have differing requirements and the buyer should consult his/her real estate agent prior to closing.  If the amount of the check presented by the buyer exceeds the required closing expenses, a refund check for the difference will be issued.  The buyer should also bring any additional documentation, such as an original of the executed Power of Attorney, if such a document is required to complete the closing. 
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