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What Does Courage Look Like in Our Industry by Jacalyn Evone
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Often, when we think of courage, we think of the men and women serving our country, a true testament to courage. But, more often, courage is equated to the imaginary or heroic characters that spring out at us from a TV or movie theatre screen. However, courage is so much more than Superman, or any muscle bound characters portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, such as the Terminator, or Sylvester Stallone in Rambo.

Courage is all around us, in those individuals who help fend off intruders, or step forward to assist someone in need. It is not a quality possessed only by strong, muscle budging individuals, but is found in every day people, from all walks of life.

So, why do I talk about courage on a real estate page. Because I believe that courage moves among us subtly, in the ordinary men and women touched by our industry. It takes courage for someone to make the decision to purchase a home, to work two jobs or save for years towards a down payment; many investing all that they have and all that they will ever have into homeownership.

This is in fact for most, the greatest financial investment they will ever make in their lifetime; a commitment that could span the next 30 years.

Everyone does not have the courage to take on the risk of homeownership, and as we have seen for many Americans across the nation, it was a risk that has in many ways backfired with the economic ruin that is resulting in so many foreclosures and defaults. It took courage for many of these individuals to step forward in an attempt to acquire their share of the American dream, a piece of the apple pie that is dangled in front of each of us every single day.

It took hope, desire, and a vision of what they wanted the future to be for themselves and their families... and yes, it took courage.

I commend all of these individuals that sought to make a better way and better life for themselves, and having the courage to try; and for all those losing their homes to foreclosure, let us not point a finger at any of them.

It is an economy that is in financial warfare that is to blame, and a combination of many things. Jobs are being outsourced, layoffs are soaring, food and gas prices are on the rise, the dollar is swiftly being devalued. No one thing, or one person is to blame... and I do not believe that these families should beat themselves up.

It is easy for many to pass blame and point fingers... and, it will require still more courage for the families and individuals to move through their crisis; to remain optimistic and hopeful through disparaging comments, hostile collection calls, and the damaging impact to their credit... and it will indeed take even more courage for them to try it again one day in the future.

Giving up and quitting is easy... but it takes fortitude in the face of hardship to triumph through pain and disappointment. To self-affirm ones dreams and goals, to keep families in tack, and find the way back once again is valiant, and a true demonstration and test of courage.


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