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What Happens After I Take The State Real Estate Exam?
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The rules vary from state to state, but in general, if a real estate broker has been selected by the new licensee, then that broker can submit the proper form to active the licensee on the same day. If the licensee is not affiliated with a broker, the license will be "inactive" with the Real Estate Commission until it has been activated with a broker.  Sales agents must be affiliated with a local broker to obtain an active license.  


Once a real estate license has been obtained, most states require a certain number of post-license hours of instruction, which the licensee is responsible for obtaining.  It is crucial that the new agent attend post-license training, because of its invaluable contribution to the agent’s preparedness to tackle this new business, and to ensure proper eligibility come license renewal time. 


Part of the post-license training offered may focus on how to “prospect” or find new clients and the broker may include role-playing as part of the training, to assist the new licensee in becoming comfortable approaching prospective clients, as well as learning the “how to” of prospecting. 


In addition, once a license is active, the agent will need to obtain a Supra Key for access to listed properties.  The broker’s orientation should include these details.  

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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