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Category - Home Selling FAQ's - General Home Selling

What Happens Once I Select The Agent To List My Home?

The agent you have selected will sit down with you and go over the documents and agreements needed to place your home on the market.  These agreements include the listing agreement, which will include the agreed to asking price for the property, agent and homeowner's responsibilities, sales commission and the term of the listing agreement.


Many listing agreements also include wording protecting the broker past the end of the listing term.  In addition, the agent will have you complete the Seller's Property Disclosure statement and advise you to do so honestly and to the best of your knowledge.  This document also includes any items within your home, which are not included in the sale.


There will also be forms describing every item and detail of the home and property.  These forms will be used to place the property in the different listing systems, which are available to all agents representing potential buyers and, in today's market, are often linked to real estate agent and brokerage websites all across the country. 

During the listing discussion, the seller should enquire about marketing and advertising plans.  Most brokerages and many agents have spent a lot of money and effort designing and promoting their websites for the benefit of their clients.  In addition, major newspapers carry real estate specific sections, where agents typically advertise.  In addition, local real estate magazines, which are offered free of charge at grocery stores, drug stores, etc. are a good place to advertise.  The seller should also make sure the agent has all his/her contact information, including an email to submit reports and updates. 


Once the home is listed, the agent will place a brokerage sign with contact information in the yard or in front of the property; if allowed by the homeowners association or in conformance with local municipal regulations.  The home's detailed description will also be loaded into the local multiple listing services, flyers prepared and placed within information boxes by the yard sign and/or posted on bulletin boards.  In a slow market, an agent may negotiate the cost of advertising with the homeowner by perhaps asking to share such costs; to be reimbursed at the time of closing or even offering half or one discount point on the commission in return for expense sharing.

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Home Selling FAQ's - General Home Selling