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What Is A Virtual Tour?
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When an agent lists a property, very often the agent will hire a company to create a virtual tour. The photographer visits your home and digitally creates a 360 degree view of several rooms in your house, depending on the agreed to price.

Once the virtual tour is complete, the company creates a link from the MLS listing to the virtual tour, which allows any visitor to that page to enjoy a full virtual visit to your home. Buyers like virtual tours, because they allow the buyer to get an excellent feel for the home before their first visit. It assists the buyer in deciding whether to place the home on their list of prospects or not.

The cost of virtual tours varies but they typically are inexpensive and very well worth the expense. In today’s market, there are many different approaches to creating a virtual tour from the more sophisticated digital movie to a series of digital pictures depicting different views of each room. Ask your listing agent about the approach he/she uses and the cost involved.

Remember, anything you can do, to encourage a visit to your home by the buyer, brings you one-step closer to selling your home.

Home Selling Questions - Staging & Marketing FAQ's
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