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What Is Curb Appeal And How Do I Improve It?
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Curb appeal refers to the attraction your home’s exterior appearance holds for the prospective buyer or the experience it provides the buyer when looking at it from “the curb.”  The first impression a buyer gets of your home will either invite him or her to enter the home or may so disappoint the buyer as to immediately decide not to bother wasting any time on it.  Therefore, your home’s curb appeal is critical to selling your home. 


The way to enhance the curb appeal of your home is to power-wash or repaint the exterior, enhance the landscaping, replace the mailbox (if needed), place nice-looking furniture on a front porch, power-wash the concrete in the driveway or walkway, remove spider webs.  In other words, clean up and improve the home’s appearance as much as possible to make it conform with modern buyer expectations and make a buyer feel he/she would be proud and happy to own it and come home to it every day.  Your agent will be able to guide you in this effort.

Home Selling Questions - Staging & Marketing FAQ's
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